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Enviro Tek provides commercial and restaurant kitchen deep cleaning services in Minnesota and Nationwide.  Hiring Enviro Tek for your restaurant kitchen cleaning services  helps business owners not only achieve their cleanliness and hygiene  goals but also maintain their A-rating in light of the high health code standards which are now country wide. We are experts at fixing and preventing health code violations in Minnesota and across the country. Enviro Tek MN will also help restaurants be prepared for unexpected onsite insurance and fire inspections which are required by many states. Restaurant cleaning requires a lot of detailed work and scrubbing. We know that when your business is busy it can be very time-consuming and difficult for employees to get their staff to pay attention to the details and tedious tasks such as carpet cleaning, window washing, pressure washing the exterior, deep-cleaning kitchens, exhaust fans, hoods and grease traps.

We will take care of these things by setting you up with regularly scheduled restaurant cleaning visits, based on the needs of your business. Using a restaurant cleaning service like Enviro Tek saves time and money for business and restaurant owners. By hiring professionals who have the right skills and motivation, we combine our equipment with your own and are trained on how many commercial kitchen products should operate if kept clean and maintained. By hiring us, business owners do not have to take the extra time to train employees on how to clean and perform deep-clean maintenance. Enviro Tek professionals follow a custom restaurant cleaning schedule that you help to create, so that you do not have to interrupt the excellent service that your employees give to your customers.

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ATP Bacteria Testing & Sanitizing

Just because an environmental surface looks clean does not mean it is clean. Microorganisms, biofilm and other biological residues are not visible to the unaided eye thus rendering the current visual inspection method for cleaning monitoring inadequate to the task.

What is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)?
ATP is the molecule that provides energy for cellular metabolism and is present in all living cells. Consequently, it is present in any organic residue, e.g. body fluids, skin cells and microorganisms, making ATP an excellent marker for organic contamination or contamination from a biological source.

We have just completed in February of 2015, a nationwide project involving over 2,500 individual locations across the country and executed in under 6 months. Our services include cleaning and sanitizing kitchens for some of the biggest retail stores that sell hot ready to eat foods similar to Walmarts, Targets etc, as well as many convenience restaurants like Burger King, including franchisees locations, supermarkets and groceries as well as bars and Ice machine sanitary testing to name a few. Our experience in handling and executing a large scale ATP Testing schedules makes it a breeze for your organization. Contact us for more info on how we can efficiently clean, sanitize and and report readings in real-time to your organization.

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