Custom Containment’s and Enclosures

Enviro Tek specializes in building and installing Custom Containment's and Enclosures, from simple designs to intricate enclosures and containment's throughout Minnesota and the Mid West. When construction work is being done in a food production facility, our containment's and enclosures provide an airtight work area for the work to be safely done without the dust, debris and general mess that comes with doing projects in such a sensitive environment. Containment's/Enclosures are used to keep things out and to keep things in. Keeping
construction contamination out of sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, retail locations, restaurants and food processing areas is key. Traffic control
between the two areas is a delicate and important part of the whole reason Containment's/Enclosures are needed as well.

The following types of Custom Containment's and Enclosures may be used depending on the area and level of protection required:

Stud Walls w/plastic sheeting 1 side
Stud Walls w/plastic sheeting both sides
Stud Walls w/Masonite sheeting & plastic
Sloped roofs (if required) on containment area to allow water, food debris and dust particles to run off the containment

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