National Mail In Asbestos Testing

P.O. BOX 581315 - Minneapolis Minnesota 55458


Follow the instructions below to mail in your asbestos sample with ease and get your results in no time! The 3 steps below will get you going. Or you can click the following link (in blue letters) to begin : You will be submitting information specific to your project. You will then receive a unique Reference ID and Confirmation that your submission was successfully submitted.

1. Collect

To collect your asbestos sample, begin by thoroughly misting the material with a spray bottle and soapy (dish detergent) water. Once saturated, either cut a clean piece off using a razor or scissors if you are able to. If your material is vermiculite insulation, saturate and scoop into a sealable baggie (Ziploc Bag). There may be times when the material has already fallen or been broken off, in this case, spray the material and place it in a sealable sandwich baggie or freezer bag. *Making sure the material is wet is a huge priority because it ensures that dust and fiber release is drastically reduced when disturbing the possible asbestos material.

2. Fill Out

Fill out "The Asbestos Testing Form" found below in its entirety. If a field does not apply to your situation type in "N/A". Once you fill out the form, we will immediately receive your submission and store it until we receive your Asbestos Sample/Samples in our PO Box. Once your sample is received in our PO Box, we will match the senders info to the online form you submitted. As soon as your mailed in samples are matched to your online form, your samples get into queue to be analyzed. Samples, once in queue, are usually analyzed within a few hours and results issued immediately to your email address that you provided while filling out the "The Online Asbestos Testing Form"

3. Mail In

This is the final step. Once you have collected the possible asbestos sample or samples and placed them is a sealable Ziploc sandwich bag or Freezer bag, then filled out and submitted The Online Mail In Asbestos Testing Form, you can then Mail in your Asbestos Sample to our PO BOX below: Enviro Tek PO Box 581315 Minneapolis MN 55458 Depending on the quantity of samples you are submitting, you can simply put your sealable bag inside of a shipping envelope or something similar and send it off! Thats it! We are centrally located in Minneapolis Minnesota and this means you get great rates and speed regardless of where you are shipping from in the United States.


Collect a sample, place it in a sealable baggie (ziploc etc.), mail it to us, we get it analyzed, you get results! We are Centrally Headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota and have offices in New York City, and San Diego California. Our New York City office serves The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island as well as Westchester County and surrounding areas. Our positioning throughout the USA allows for speedy shipping no matter what part of North America you are shipping from. Once received in our PO Box, we will get your samples in queue to be analyzed and you'll have your official results emailed directly to you within 24hrs of us receiving your samples. Enviro Tek has provided thousands of test results to clients throughout North America for years. We are trusted by thousands of Real Estate agents the USA who we have built relationships with and are their exclusive asbestos testing service provider. Mail in your asbestos sample today and get results that could be life changing.


Once we receive your sample in our PO Box (which is checked daily), your mail in asbestos sample gets in queue to be analyzed the same day! We know time is money and who has the time to wait 1-2 weeks for test results from those other Asbestos Testing Services? We work fast, we get you results quickly however we never compromise on quality. The asbestos test results you get from Enviro Tek are important to you, therefore we make sure that our asbestos lab technicians are efficient and well seasoned in order to manage the workload we receive from our clients across the country. From NYC to Seattle Washington to Charlotte NC, we have you covered! The results from your Mail In Asbestos tests in many cases may be holding up a project, wasting valuable time. The results could also save you MONEY by proving in many cases that a suspect asbestos material is in fact not asbestos containing, resulting in you not having to pay for costly abatement services.