Residential – Commercial

In addition to our asbestos abatement capabilities, we take on many projects throughout the year involving interior and selective demolition in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. We provide interior non-structural demolition and disposal for residential and commercial construction projects ranging in size from small to medium sized tenant improvement projects to major expansions or historical renovations. From decommissioning equipment to the careful dismantling of  interior work and living spaces. The demolition of residential, industrial and commercial facilities is coming under heavy the scrutiny of those in regulatory positions due to the presence of hazardous and regulated materials in many different building products.  Some rules & regulations may or may not include notifications, general occupational safety, nuisance dust control to the abatement of regulated materials and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.  Although most construction debris is disposed of in regular landfills, some demolition debris might be hazardous, like asbestos floor tile and must be tested, manifested including a chain of custody and disposed of in a certified Minnesota asbestos accepting landfill "form cradle to grave". Enviro Tek is your number one provider of Selective Interior Demolition services in Minneapolis Saint Paul MN.


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