Pigeon & Bat Guano Removal

Enviro Tek's team of Pigeon and Bat Guano Removal professionals in Minneapolis St. Paul will get the job done right. Nationally, we have successfully removed and cleaned Pigeon droppings from hundreds on Pigeon Hangouts where, if left untreated, can  get extremely messy and hazardous. Excrement from pigeons and other birds can create a major health hazard for building occupants, building service operatives and other building stakeholders. When excrement dries it becomes friable and the organisms therein can travel as airborne contaminants. Inhaled dust from infected droppings or feathers can result in pulmonary disease. Removing the guano must be undertaken in fully controlled conditions, using the correct Personal Protective Equipment, and our operatives are trained to work in the extreme conditions this service demands. Bird droppings are not only foul smelling and unpleasant to look at, they also carry harmful and corrosive bacteria. If bird droppings are allowed to build-up the bacteria can pose serious health risks and begin to corrode buildings. Enviro Tek's highly skilled teams of bird dropping removal experts can quickly and cost-effectively clean-up your bird droppings, eliminating any health risks and preventing corrosive damage to you buildings. Often these harmful bird droppings can be found in hard to reach places such as balcony’s and lofts. Our specially developed bird dropping cleaning service means we can easily remove bird droppings form hard to reach places.  

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