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Artificial & Synthetic Turf Hazards

Artificial Turf Removal is a growing industry, with thousands of athletics fields across the country, many parents, athletic directors, schools and universities are considering the health effects of being exposed to some of the harmful components that make up artificial - synthetic turfs that many athletes across the nation spend hours on daily. Enviro Tek is seasoned and experienced in providing artificial turf removal services nationwide.

Artificial Turf Removal Services

Whether there is an emergency removal necessary, wear & tear or rubber pellet abatement needs on your field, we have your back. Our Artificial Turf Removal Teams are efficient, and experienced, resulting in quick turnaround time in order to get your field back in safe operation and your athletes back on the grind. Our Teams can be mobilized within 24 hours, nationwide. As a time saver, we can offer a per square foot pricing same day.