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Should I hire a company like Enviro Tek to clean my Trash/Wheely/Garbage Bins in The Twin Cities?

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Should I hire a company like Enviro Tek to clean my Trash/Wheely/Garbage Bins in The Twin Cities?

Think about the most unhealthy place in your home…

You are probably thinking of an unclean bathroom, musty attic, damp basement, or the hot, smelly garage. If you guessed the garage, you’re close. The truth is, the dirtiest place in your house is your trash can, which is used to hold all of your trash before it’s picked up curbside. Even after the trash is long gone, the lingering effects of it can still be seen and mostly smelled.

If you can’t stand the nasty smell, take a look at your trash can. We’re willing to bet it doesn’t look that clean. Don’t get too close, though! It’s what you can’t see that can hurt you.

Dirty trash cans can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. The pungent smell can attract rats and flies, not to mention maggots, both of which can contain dangerous diseases transferable to humans; and your dirty trash can is susceptible to harboring dangerous bacteria.


Bacteria that can lurk in your dirty garbage can may include:

E. Coli
Mold from Food
And Many More

What can you do to stay healthy and free of these health hazards?

Clean your trash can! But do you really want to clean it yourself? Not only can cleaning it yourself expose you to these health hazards, but it can also be an environmental problem if you do an improper job cleaning. Most do-it-yourself cleaning jobs end up wasting more water than is needed. Also, you may contaminate the local run off water if you use cleaning products that aren’t friendly to the environment. Contaminated water can damage your yard or, worse, reach its way into local rivers and streams, contaminating the local water supply, which is against the law.

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